Pros & Cons of Gold Plated Jewelry

PROS AND CONS OF GOLD PLATED JEWELRY (THE GUIDE YOU NEED!) Gold jewelry can add elegance and class to any outfit! However, gold jewelry is unfortunately very expensive. Gold plated jewelry is the solution to this problem: gold plated jewelry gives the outward appearance of gold jewelry, without the crazy cost! Gold plated jewelry is a good substitute for solid gold jewelry because it is difficult to tell the difference between the two and gold plated jewelry is nowhere near as expensive! Did you just realize that the gold necklace you bought a while ago is only gold plated and not solid gold? Or perhaps it is gold filled, rather than gold plated, and you’re not really sure what the difference is. There’s a lot of different terms associated with what appears to be gold jewelry. Fortunately: If you’re certain that your jewelry is gold plated, and are looking for the pros and cons of gold plated jewelry, how to clean tarnished gold plated jewelry, or if you’re wondering can you wear gold plated jewelry in the shower, we’ve got some answers for you!

What is Gold Plated Jewelry? So, first of all, what even is gold plated jewelry? In general, the process of plating is when a piece of jewelry made from a certain metal or alloy is covered with a layer of another metal. For example, a ring in which the base metal is copper or silver, but that has a thin layer of gold on the outer surface, would be considered a gold plated item of jewelry. Are there other kinds of plated jewelry? Yes! For example, white gold is an alloy of yellow gold and a white metal, usually palladium. Since the white gold alloy usually appears a little yellowish, it is usually plated with rhodium to give it a bright, white appearance on the outside, giving white gold its whitish appearance! After some time, however, the white rhodium appearance will wear away, exposing the yellowish metal alloy underneath. But what does gold plated mean? Gold plated is a form of jewelry plating, but specifically with gold as the layer on the outside. The thickness of the gold layer on the outside of gold plated jewelry can vary greatly; however, the Federal Trade commission labels gold plated items at .5 microns and “heavy gold plated” items at 2.5 microns. Coatings that are thinner than .5 microns are often mislabeled as gold plated, though these are technically considered “gold electroplate” at .175 microns, or “gold flashed” or “gold washed” if the coating is less than .175 microns. All of the above coatings are technically “electroplated,” but the FTC classifies them with different labels depending on the thickness of the coating. To gold plate something, the item is dipped into a solution that contains gold or a gold-colored alloy. The item is then shot with an electric current and the resulting electrochemical reaction deposits a thin layer of gold to the outside of the base metal.  Pros of Gold Plated Jewelry #1 Gold plated jewelry items are affordable. Gold plated jewelry items are the most inexpensive when comparing them to gold filled or solid gold jewelry items. Because gold plated items are so affordable, more people have begun to buy and wear them! #2 Looks like real gold! To the untrained eye, you can’t tell that it is not real gold! #3 They make great decoration. The plating process allows the item to look like solid gold, while being more affordable. Therefore, gold plated jewelry can bring the perfect touch of brilliance and decoration to any outfit! #4 They are easy to make and there are more design possibilities. Gold plated jewelry items are best for “of the moment” trends. By having a gold plated jewelry item of a particular style, you can be a part of the trend, without worrying that you’ve made a huge investment into something that will not last long. Thus, gold plated jewelry has a lot of design possibilities and can be used for a lot of different occasions. #5 Gold plated items are very strong and durable. Gold plated jewelry items are stronger than solid gold items and will last longer. Gold is a very soft and malleable metal; the higher the karat, the softer and more malleable the item is. Thus, 24K is too soft and it is impossible to make a jewelry item entirely of 24K. Gold has to either be alloyed with other metals or plated over other base metals for the item to be strong enough to form and shape into jewelry. Thus, a gold plated item, with a thin coating of gold on the outside, is a great way to have the appearance of gold, while having a strong and durable item of jewelry. Gold plated jewelry can handle the abuse of everyday wear more so than solid gold. Cons of Gold Plated Jewelry #1 It will tarnish! If you’re wondering, “does gold plated jewelry tarnish?” the answer is yes, it does! Gold plated jewelry items will definitely tarnish over time, though solid gold items will not tarnish at all. Gold plated items have a base metal underneath the gold plate, like copper or silver, which makes the jewelry piece stronger and less likely to bend, though these jewelry metals tarnish. In a gold plated jewelry item, the metal beneath the gold plate will eventually come to the surface and become discolored, so it will need to be polished frequently to keep its shine. The reason that gold plated jewelry tarnishes is because the molecules of the base metals eventually transfer into the thin layer of gold, causing the gold layer to break down. #2 The plating can be scratched or chipped. After a few weeks of wearing your gold plated jewelry item, the gold plate is likely to start chipping, wearing, or flaking off. The reason for this is because the gold layer is so thin and not very durable itself. Gold is a very soft metal and can easily be scratched unless alloyed with other metals to make it stronger. #3 The amount of gold is minimal and can lead to a lower value. The layer of gold on gold plated items is the least amount of gold when compared to gold filled or solid gold items. Thus, the gold plate is very thin and susceptible to flaking off. Since the gold content is so low in gold plated items, the value is low. #4 Can’t wear gold plated items in water. If you’re wondering, “can you wear gold plated jewelry in the shower,” the answer is no, you cannot. Showering with gold plated jewelry or immersing the item under water for long periods of time can cause the gold layer to completely wear off.

Importance of Using Brass in Your Home Instruments

Brass The Wonder Metal In the world of home decor and renovation, brass plays an impressive role. You will be surprised to observe that brass plays an essential role in increasing the aesthetic value of the house, enhancing the home decor and high quality practical application. Items made of brass have gained lot of popularity in the recent time as people have begun to realize the beauty and allure of brass fittings and instruments. What makes brass instruments or home decor pieces stand out is the fact that it is minimalistic in appearance, classy and does not look over-the-top. Even brass hardware is popularly used in homes and seen in the form of door knockers, staircase banister fittings, bathroom faucets, door knobs, lamp stands, door hinges and so much more. Why Choose brass for home decor? Brass with its numerous wonderful characteristics stands out popularly in home decor because it creates top-notch hardware items. In the modern day context, ornate brass hardware is synchronized beautifully with contemporary decor to create the perfectly styled home. This is one metal which works well even with vintage style furniture and fittings to create a lovely old-world charm. If you are planning a theme based decor for your home especially period and vintage, then brass will work beautifully for the innovative make-over. What makes brass special? Brass, as a metal, is a composition of copper and zinc. As a metal, Brass is superior to copper in terms of strength and hardness. Thanks to its malleable nature, Brass  can be easily molded, twisted and turned to form various shapes and forms. Since brass is a good conductor of heat and holds resistance to corrosion from salt water, it is used for making pipes, tubes, radiators, screws, musical instruments and other hardware items. These outstanding physical characteristics of Brass make it such a popular and useful metal in home decor.

It Never Really Fades Brass is truly timeless, classic and elegant in its appeal. One of the beautiful aspect of brass lies in the fact that it does not wear off quickly. It charming luster and color stays put for years together. When it finally starts fading, the brass gets a lovely burnished look with a soft glow which enhances its beauty triple fold.

How to measure your Finger Ring Size?

1. Warp a piece of string or paper strip around the base of your finger. 2. Mark the string or paper where it overlaps top form a complete circle. 3. Measure the length of the section of string or paper where it overlaps around the finger. 4 .Compare your measurement with this chart to determine your ring size.

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